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Dr. KRISHNA PRIYAA garu certified as Diplomate of ABHRS, hair transplantation in hyderabad iso
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About Us

India’s leading Hair Transplant Center

At Radiance Hair Transplant Center, we believe in providing advanced yet realistic treatment for hair loss and baldness.

With sheer commitment in delivering the best results, Radiance has now grown into one of the well known hair transplant centers in AP and Telangana with a strong presence in major cities such as Rajahmundry, Vijayawada and Hyderabad.

Well equipped with all the latest medical and surgical equipment and backed by highly qualified team of hair transplant assistants. We carry out extremely successful hair transplantations. We take immense pride in our ability to ensure high quality clinical care at all levels of treatment. Our team of doctors are internationally highly certified and qualified in the field of hair restoration. They are competent and well versed with all types of medical treatments which are scientifically approved with FDA. They are highly skilled in performing all the latest techniques of hair restoration.

At our transplant center we promise results that are in line with delivery, which is the reason we boast of patients who visit us from the length and breadth of the country. Each and every patient is unique and is treated with utmost care.

Our practices are up to date with advancements in medicine and our able team is led by a highly competent Dr. Ch Krishna Priya and Dr Ch. V.V.V Prasad Babu.

Dr. Ch.Krishna Priya

Our doctor Ch. Krishna Priya excels in performing advanced hair restoration surgeries through deployment of various techniques. Armed with an MBBS degree and post graduation course in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr Krishna Priya took her interest in Cosmeto-gynecology. She went ahead and trained in various prestigious institutions across the world and pioneered the concept of hair restoration through surgery at Radiance.

A recognized member of the ISHRS, since 2006 as well as a member of AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) and AHRS (Association of hair restoration surgery), Dr Krishna Priya is well known for differential treatment of patients. It merely means that she carries out an honest and fair assessment of a patient's condition first, explains options and the right treatment plan is accordingly arrived at.

A gifted hair surgeon with a keen aesthetic sense, she performs hair transplantation with exceptional surgical skills after a thorough analysis of the issue. The duty of a physician first begins with giving patients hope and confidence, is what Dr Krishna Priya believes in.

Dr. Ch. Krishna Priya does the high quality hair transplant techniques such as Dense Packing, Mega and Giga sessions with assured trichophytic closures with aesthetic hairline designing which is unique to each individual. Our center specializes in providing hair transplantation via both popular FUT as well as FUE techniques assuring coverage of Norwood grade v-vi baldness in single session. (i.e., 5500 grafts to 6000 grafts in a span of 8-9hrs.)

Her expertise also extends in carrying out Body Hair Transplantation in the case of patients with sparse donor area. She has also performed total reconstruction of eyebrows, beard and moustache in cases of congenital absence of the same.

Dr. Krishna Priya is also a certified member of the International Society of Cosmeto-Gynecology (ISCG) and American Academy Cosmetic Surgery (AACS).

Under her able leadership, we have successfully carried specialized treatments such as-
(i) Hair transplantation on scalp with burn injury.
(ii) Alopecia areata patch hair transplantation in stabilized cases.
(iii) Transplantation in scalp affected by Psoriasis. (Which is completely resolved since few years.)
(iv) Hairline reconstruction in women with high hairlines on foreheads.

Dr. Krishna Priya is one of the very few doctors in India who has made into the special league of hair physicians recognized by prestigious, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). She is adept at performing both FUE & FUT techniques in hair transplantation; she is also certified by American Heart Association in handling medical emergencies.

Dr. Ch.V.V.V. Prasad Babu

Dr. Ch.V.V.V. Prasad Babu is our other pillar of support, knowledge, having acquired skill to develop and work on all advanced techniques in hair transplantation. After completion of MBBS, Dr Babu completed his post graduation in Anesthesiology from Davangere. He is also an active member of ISHRS, since 2006, a member of the AHRS as well as a certified member of the International Society of Cosmeto-Gynecology. His experience as of one of the most respected hair transplant surgeon in the country makes him the most sought after by our patients.

Dr. Babu is ready with a reassuring smile and is an instant morale boost to our patients, for him it is patient satisfaction that reigns supreme.

A glimpse into what we offer at Radiance

  • A team of highly experienced and professionally trained hair restoration surgeon and physician. They keep themselves abreast of all related sophisticated practices world over.
  • Even our support staff and administrative team are fully equipped to provide you best services and comfort.
  • We have active counselors in place that can put all your doubts to rest.
  • We also carry out a thorough checkup of your medical history, lifestyle and diet habits.

A peek into credentials of Dr Krishna Priya- Our powerhouse of competence!

  • Was part of the Asian hair surgery workshop held at SEOUL in 2006.
  • Participated in the International hair conference and workshop held at AMSTERDAM (EUROPE) in 2009.
  • Attended the All India Hair Restoration Conference held at AHMEDABAD (INDIA) 2009.
  • Participated in the FUE workshop and hands on training being provided by Dr. JAMES HARRIS at DENVER (USA) in 2009.
  • First South Indian Doctor to have completed a fellow program in COSMETOGYNECOLOGY IN US and also an active member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF COSMETOGYNECOLOGY (ISCG) since 2010.
  • BLS & ACLS certified Doctor (recommended by American Heart Association).
  • Part of the All India Hair Restoration Conference held at MOUNT ABU (INDIA) 2010.
  • Attended the 18th International HAIR conference at BOSTON (USA) 2010.
  • Part of the 1st International Cosmetology & Cosmetic Gynecology Congress at ISTANBUL (TURKEY) in 2011.
  • Also part of FUECON 1st Annual Rapid FUE Harvest course by Dr. JAMES HARRIS at CHANDIGARH (INDIA) in 2011.
  • Part of the 21st International Hair Conference at San Francisco in 2013.
  • Shared recent developments and updates in the field of hair transplantation- ISHRS 22nd ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING at KUALA LUMPUR 2014.Attended for ABHRS examination and succeeded in 1st attempt.
  • Participated in 23rd annual scientific programme of ISHRS conducted in Chicago in 2015.She was invited as a Oral protocol examiner to the ABHRS EXAM itself.

Dr. Krishna Priya believes in sharing of knowledge, she regularly participates in national and international workshops & conferences to learn and impart.

Worried about hair thinning or baldness? Step into Radiance for hair restoration services with a difference.